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Ties That Bind, Ties That Break Teacher’s Guide

Updated with a new preface and an appendix of key primary sources, this remains an essential book for students of Native American history, African American history, and the history of race and ethnicity in the United States. Among other notable prizes and fellowships, she was awarded a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship in Books Digital Products Journals.

Disciplines History African American History. About the Book This beautifully written book, now in its second edition, tells the haunting saga of a quintessentially American family.

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Building on meticulous and inspired historical detective work, Miles shows what it might have felt like to be a slave and reassesses the convoluted ideas about race that slavery generated and left as a legacy. Tiya Miles refuses to avoid or cover over the most painful aspects of the shared stories of Indians and African Americans. Instead, Miles passionately defends the need to explore history, even when the facts provided by history are not those that contemporary people want to hear.

Add to Cart. More spirited than her older sisters, 5-year-old Ailin refuses to have her feet bound, causing the family of her intended husband to break their marriage agreement.

The Ties That Bind

At 14 she becomes the amah, or governess, for the Warner children and embarks on a new life that gives herhappiness in ways she never dreamed. Lonely and suffering from culture shock, Xueyan is beginning to doubt her decision to come to America when she is reunited with her friend Ailin, who is now married and living in San Francisco.

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Lensey Namioka lives in Seattle, Washington, with her family. Record their ideas on a chart, asking them to group their ideas in such categories as land, people, geography, and social customs. Divide the class into small groups and send them to the library media center.

Ask each group to check their ideas for accuracy and to find an unusual fact in their category to share with the class. What is her relationship with her mother and grandmother? Why does Second Sister feel that she must warn Ailin of the dangers of being different?

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Ailin and her friend Xueyan are alike in many ways. What do you think Xueyan misses most when she comes to America? How does it take courage for her father to stand up to Big Uncle?

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Does it take more courage for Ailin to remain in the United States or to return to her native land? Discuss how her courage is tested throughout the novel. Cite scenes when Xueyan appears reckless. Discuss how change is the result of rebellion. How is James also fighting a war against traditional Chinese customs and values? Suppose Ailin and James have children.

Will the children be taught Chinese customs and culture?

The Ties That Bind by Shane W Smith

How do these cultural differences contribute to her loneliness? Ask each student to find a Chinese folktale or fairy tale that Ailin might read to Grace and Billy Warner. Allow the students time to give a brief oral summary of the story in class. Ask students to write a letter that Xueyan might have sent to her parents describing L. Ask students to research why the Opium War was such a threat to China. How did it affect the Chinese people?

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