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Because Adam had no one to turn to, he committed suicide. Betty is not who you would call "Mother Teresa". At an earlier point in the series, Sally put a plastic dry-cleaning bag over her head in order to play "spaceman". While most mothers would be most concerned about their child's safety to make sure she doesn't suffocate, Betty's main concern is that her clothes are okay. Betty scolds Sally because her daughter took her precious dresses out of the dry-cleaning bag.

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Sally's safety is minimal compared to the safety of Betty D's clothes. It is totally unprofessional and it is a complete double standard compared to how Joan treats the men in the office. Joan judges Peggy based on her appearance alone in the first handful of episodes, and even tells her to stand in front of a mirror with a bag over her head and slits in the eyes in order to evaluate her "strengths and weaknesses". That's just pure cruelty, and Joan would never say such a thing to her male coworkers.

Joan seems to have the complete opposite approach where she thinks the best way for her to make it is to embrace her femininity.

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Throughout the series, Peggy casually disrespects Joan's femininity and frowns upon her lack of masculinity. In season 7 episode 8, Peggy and Joan have just been sexually harassed while at a business meeting and Peggy blames Joan for the harassment because of the way Joan dresses. Pete Campbell is a scummy specimen and we've known this from the very beginning of Mad Men. Yet his most unredeemable act in the entire series was when he coerced his neighbor into having sex with him because he did her a favor.

Although this line is meant to serve as comedic, it accurately represents how Roger Sterling regards women- that is, he doesn't regard them at all. To the suave-talking gray-haired businessman, women are nothing but objects designed for his own pleasure. Like Don, Roger is a notorious cheater throughout the entire series. He never wants what he can actually have, and he's constantly looking for the next best thing.

As we know, Megan wants to become an actress. She does not want to act for the purpose of inspiring others or to honor the artistry behind the films she stars in. She wants to act so she can be famous and so she can see herself on the big screen. In that sense, you can easily call her character superficial and somewhat entitled as she seems to think everything including her career should be handed to her without putting in the work ethic. So it turns out there's a valid reason as to why everyone in the ad firm hated Harry Crane- Apparently, they could sense the fact that he was a total scumbag.

Could his behavior possibly get any worse? Turns out it totally could have when he tried to convince Don that Megan was "crazy", thus gaslighting the poor woman for the whole situation, which was entirely his fault. In the finale, we are ultimately pleased with Stan and Peggy as a couple, yet this doesn't change the fact that Stan's behavior towards his coworker in the first handful of seasons was completely rude and unacceptable.

At first, Stan could not stand Peggy because she wouldn't allow him to treat her like a sex object. She had her own opinions and creative thoughts, and she was never afraid to talk back to him. In turn, she stripped naked right in front of him. And of course, what is perhaps the most obvious fault when it comes to Greg's character is that he maliciously rapes Joan in the office and then pretends that it never happened.

This was perhaps the most obviously villainous moment that any character has done throughout the entire series, and we will never be able to forgive him for this. Luckily, Joan rises to the top in the end, and although she has faced countless incidents of harassment and assault, she is able to become one of the most successful characters on the entire show.

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Three women seek love in three very different ways. Sasha 21 is an impulsive young woman consumed by a volatile relationship with a passionate A film about growing apart when growing up. Two best friends relationship strains when one deals with her newfound sexuality and the other with breaking up with her long term boyfriend.

When a stranger attacks one of them in their own home, the rest must sacrifice their own freedom to save the life of another. Small town girl Laura Hollis has just finally moved out to go to Silas University. When her missing roommate is replaced without explanation, Laura vows to find out what is happening on It has been five years since Laura and Carmilla vanquished the apocalypse and Carmilla became a bona fide mortal human. They have settled in to a cozy apartment in downtown Toronto; Laura A dark dramedy that follows Lea and Court Matheson, a happily-married lesbian couple, and their three-year-old son as they return to Lea's hometown to attend the funeral of her best friend An anthology series featuring rampaging serial killers leaving carnage in their wake as their next victims fight to stay alive.

In the s, William Murdoch uses radical forensic techniques for the time, including fingerprinting and trace evidence, to solve some of the city's most gruesome murders. When the truth is revealed, only one thing is certain: two lives will change forever.

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External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. At the bankruptcy auction, Lutetia tells Max that she wishes him well and sends him a masseuse. While Earl keeps looking out for Kevin through his monitors, Berger, Jack, Windham, and Edwina set their scheme in motion. Edwina and Windham are disguised as waiters, with the real waiters bound and gagged in their truck.

Berger is disguised as the auctioneer, while Jack is his associate, having tied up and gagged the original auctioneer.

senjouin-kikishiro.com/images/wycemesy/2089.php Shelly hacks into Max's security system. The crooks steal as much as they can, and later flee. Windham plants smoke bombs to obscure their escape and calls the fire brigade. At Shelly plants a video of Kevin delivering a message to Max that he was being robbed without him being there on Earl's monitors.

Angry and enraged, Max goes out into the smoke to find Kevin, but a firefighter, actually Kevin in disguise, drags him out of the smoke, stealing the ring in the process. Kevin steals Max's boat to escape, but Max jumps onto the boat and struggles with Kevin to get back the ring. While hitting a buoy, causing the boat to sink, Kevin and Max find out that the ring is a fake, the ring having an inscription inside it that said: "Grow up. Max realises that Lutetia had induced the masseuse to steal the ring during his massage. Kevin thanks Max and tells him that he owes him one. While going back to the hotel where Amber used to be before she moved in with Kevin, she shows him the ring, revealing that she was the masseuse.

She tells Kevin that the ring had bad luck and that he should throw it away. Kevin agrees and flings the ring out of sight and gets back together with Amber. Kevin, pretending to be Max's lawyer, fixes the Senate hearing and goes into the press conference victorious. When it is over Max and Kevin part ways, but as they do so, Kevin steals one of Max's watches. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film an unfavorable review, stating that there were "too many characters, not enough plot, and a disconnect between the two stars' acting styles". Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly also gave the film a negative review and said, "Maybe the worst thing that can happen is that every other movie at the multiplex will be sold out this weekend.

Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times gave a mixed review and said, "Laborious in the unfolding of its plot, and under Sam Weisman 's brash direction the unbashed amorality of the material is crass rather than sly in tone". Marc Shaiman , who wrote the score, told Playbill magazine that the "worst job" he ever had was "scoring a hideous movie called What's the Worst That Could Happen? I'm not kidding. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the climate change book, see Greg Craven activist.

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