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Seaworthy and seakindly, she was in her element in open water. She felt like she had been built for it. The list goes on, but the cockpit lockers do not so you will have to be very selective over what you take and how much spare water or fuel you need. Installing a wind vane rather than relying on an autohelm can also help. Most of us are able to sail huge distances without experiencing terrible weather — but you need to be ready and capable of handling it if it catches you out.

Are you getting the most out of your boat? Duncan Kent continues his series looking at how to get the most out of your boat. This issue: trimming the…. James Stevens explains which skills are best to perfect while you have plenty of time to do so.

  • Expert advice: How to sail across the Pacific Ocean;
  • Jumper (Time Travelers);

This week,…. Do you need a different boat? While sailors may aspire to a new bluewater cruiser, most modern yachts are capable of sailing offshore.

How much power do you realistically draw with all your usual systems running? Rustler is renowned for building yachts that can cope with offshore sailing. Add up what everything draws.

Setting sail with the 'Airbnb of the seas'

Then factor in what your solar panels, wind generator or alternator can provide in 24 hours. A day spent tuning self-steering gear and getting used to it before setting off on a bluewater passage will be time very well spent. Small boat sailors can quickly find their yachts laden with too much and performance will rapidly diminish if overloaded. Consider carefully how you will manage watch systems and living together aboard.

What Qualifications are Needed to Own and Sail a Yacht?

Here is our first year of the "Around the World" voyage, and there are plenty of opportunities to join us as crew for a leg. Check the interactive map to the right for general route click on the icons for more info , or click on the Schedule - Legs - Availability page for details on the individual parts of the journey.

We have been offering our very popular Sail Away Weeks program since and participants have gone on to carry out their own cruising adventures with confidence and improved skills! Some, who worried about sea sickness learned how to manage it Paul is an expert at this , and realized that they could expand their horizons and sail further afield than they ever dreamed possible!

Sail your myth - Sailing catamarans for charters in Greece

Others have used the opportunity to test out the cruising lifestyle and, as a result, have modified their plans or bought new boats to make their families feel more safe, comfortable and excited about undertaking a sailing adventure. You're Invited! If you are considering the cruising life for retirement, an upcoming sabbatical or a lifestyle change, Sail Away Weeks offer hands-on sailing fun in exotic locales. You will get the chance to sail with us aboard our brand new high-tech offshore cruising yacht, Distant Shores III, the first of the new purpose-built Southerly 's , which we helped design with the team at Discovery Yachts Group in the UK.

Where else can you build new sailing skills and get answers to your questions about the sailing lifestyle aboard a luxurious variable-draft cruising yacht with highly experienced sailors you know and trust? Live the experience you have watched on the Distant Shores sailing adventure TV series, watch the making of this internationally syndicated television show en route and be featured in an episode optional , all the while enjoying some great sailing with the hosts of the show.

Sail Away Weeks are always a great time!

Watching the Distant Shores TV series and sailing vicariously with Paul and Sheryl got us through a lot of winters so it was such a thrill to be able to sail with them for a week in the British Virgin Islands. We learned so much from them in that one week such as how nice it can be to anchor overnight under the stars. As a result we were a lot more confident with our own boat when we got home and tried many new things.

Peter OConnor and Stephanie Bowman. An All-Inclusive Sailing Retreat in Paradise Our filming schedule for the Distant Shores TV series only allows us to host Sail Away Weeks once in a while so we're excited that we can invite you to join us aboard our brand new boat for several legs of our voyage in the coming season. We hope you'll join us. It will be a memorable time whether it's island-hopping you're dreaming of, coastal cruising to build your offshore experience or bluewater passage-making on an ocean crossing.

You will be safe with us aboard, learn a lot and have time for leisure activities too. During our time together, Sheryl and I will tailor activities to meet your interests and concerns about long-term cruising. We like to think of Sail Away Weeks as on-water retreats so you can forget the work-a-day world, relax, recharge and fuel up your dreams of sailing off into the sunset by trying it out with us.

Who Else is Going? You will be in the friendly company of a small select group 1 other couple or individuals; 4 guests max. They will be like-minded sailors who share and support the same dream.

Embark on a Voyage of Discovery

Possibly like you, they want to help their partner overcome concerns about traveling long-term on a sailboat. Plus you will have the time with us to get answers to all the questions you have about the cruising lifestyle. What You'll Learn Besides offering our guests fabulous days of sailing together, we'll also be sharing the methods we've developed over 27 years of international cruising to help you plan a successful voyage of your own in the future. I was interested in getting into sailing. My wife, Julie, and I enjoyed watching the Distant Shores sailing TV series so I hoped that a week of sailing with Paul and Sheryl in the tropics might bring her around to the idea of buying a sailboat.

We bought our first sailing boat 6 months after returning home.

Richard Thomas. We have been so privileged to have been able to learn from Sheryl and Paul. Maggie and I just discovered sailing four years ago and "sharing the sail" with the Shards has allowed me to cross an ocean and for us to buy our dream boat. We will now confidently be moving on to our boat with plans of sailing the world.