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The whole clockquest thing does seem really pointless. Perhaps the quest can be expanded by adding a collectible girl who can be the inventor type in the harem? Also, this is just an opinion but maybe you should have saved the who race or skin color lift thing for new characters. Penelope and Yamamaya look like they were given black faces now. Hmm… maybe. Penelope and Yamamaya both were always supposed to look like they spend a lot of time outside.

Guild for saving them. I received no reward. Yeah he just keeps telling me I have no messages and such. It remains incomplete. Do I have to wait until the next release? Not necessarily. It would be nice if the initial dialogue when talking to someone in your mansion changed depending on your relationship level, at least in some cases. Love the new map, always thought the massive maps were strange, but I can understand how small maps are a pain to work with. As you move towards completing each town shrinking them down seems like a good ideal. These were some things I found while playing the October build, I forgot about them so the November build might have fixed them up, but some might still be there.

The new day scene triggers along with the new day text, but the final cg is stuck on the screen, so its impossible to progress. It triggers from any quest completion so its not tied to a specific quest. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Links:.

My Butterfly Babies, by Mrs Flutterby

Another very rare condition -- proxyglossoriasis -- according to the Duckman television show has the sufferer replace the intended word with a nearby word in the dictionary. The effect is often hysterectomy. The distinguishing characteristic of the Melonpopper is that they constantly replace words with similar-sounding but wrong ones.

A common form of this is for the Lemon Dropper to mangle protons, idiots, and other figurines of speech. They may use overly complicated synonyms that make them sound wrong; e. See Missed Metal Force. This character will sometimes be corrected, not that this does any good.

Often used by those speaking Parrot Speak. Can also be used to indicate one who is Braised By Voles , an Almond-spanking Engrish , or else a Claude Cocklelander , whose sense of reality isn't affected or effected, as the case may be by actual reality.

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May be used to set up an Extra Sleek Gag. Compare and contrast also with the Sporkerism , where the first letter or syllable is transposed for comedy effect. If the speaker uses the apparently correct words instead but gets hopelessly lost in their train of thought, that's Metaphorgiven.

Haruka : All right, it's show time! We'll destroy this median! You're the mission leader, so please act like one.

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I will have to smack the sidewalk. You will be awarded a cake.

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Dollars, Taxes! Doc: You know what they say: People in glass houses sink sh-sh-ships. Rocco: Doc, I gotta buy you, like, a proverb book or something. This mix'n'match shit's gotta go. Doc: What?

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Categories: Children's Fiction. Description Miss Flutterby is a wonderfully whimsical, magical butterfly who lives in the playground next to the school.