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Fans of the musical will be excited to see this novel.

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Then, the next logical step is to read this YA love tale. Read An Excerpt. Hardcover —. Add to Cart Add to Cart. Also by Melissa de la Cruz. See all books by Melissa de la Cruz. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

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He confesses his love for Agnes, asking her to meet him at a nearby hotel in order to spend their remaining time together and to promise each other daily letters, until they are able to get married. After some time spent on the front, Agnes is asked by one of the nurses, a good friend with her, to spend the weekend at their doctor's house, Dr. Domenico Caracciolo, who seems to have feelings for Agnes.

The three of them spend quality time together, the doctor showing them the surroundings of Venice. The letters from Agnes soon become less and less frequent, causing Ernest great concern. While showing her an unfinished hospital, Dr.

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Domenico proposes to Agnes. She hesitates, still thinking of Ernest.

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She decides to write him a difficult letter, telling him that their relationship must end, one of the reasons being the age gap between them. Ernest is devastated by this awful announcement. Eight months later, in New York, Agnes meets an old friend and ex-patient, Harry.

She confesses that she did not marry the doctor, and finds out that Ernest is still angry at her. She decides to go to Ernest's old cabin, near Lake Warloon.

Black Love & War

Still angry and proud, Ernest doesn't accept that their love story is over. The film ends with Agnes telling him "I love you" as she leaves the cabin, never to see him again. Stephen Holden in The New York Times called the film "a generic historical romance and older woman-younger man fable of sexual initiation too muted for either character to come to life".

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    • In Love and War Theatrical release poster. For example, if someone kills one of their relatives on the battlefield , it is more acceptable than murder usually.

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      Similarly, stealing a friend's lover is seen as more acceptable if you love them, instead of say, just wanting them for money. All is fair in love and war. Something which complete assholes and bitches say to condone their douchebaggery behaviour. They have no problem resorting to devious tactics to get what they want, even if what they do harms other people. The same people are likely to also use the phrase 'it's a dog eat dog world'.

      They believe that behaviour which is deceitful or not fair is acceptable during an argument or competition.

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      They must win at any cost. In order to go on a date with me, I'll trick her into believing that her boyfriend is seeing another woman.

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      Did you tell her lies about her boyfriend so she would hate him and go out with you instead? Of course! All is fair in love and war unknown. This very popular saying is unfortunately wrongly taught and so it continues to get passed down with a mistaken explanation.