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I used some leftover wool for the outer layer, but a medium weight knit or flannel would work equally well. To line the scarf I chose a piece of fleece in a complementary color. To secure the scarf, I chose a simple button with buttonhole , but many different types of closures would also work, such as large snaps for a clean look.

Try jazzing it up with a buckle, metal clasp or a frog style closure. I used a lapped seam to keep the bulk in check. Ideally, the scarf should be cut on the bias so it curves smoothly around the neck, but if using a knit it can be cut on either the lengthwise or crosswise grain.

Mine was cut on the long grain simply because my leftover piece was not wide enough. Using the photo as your guide, draw the pattern onto a piece of craft paper in the shape and dimensions illustrated. Make special note of the location of the top and bottom of the neck warmer. Cut out the outer layer and lining pieces using the drafted pattern. If adding a buttonhole fuse some interfacing to the underside of the outer layer fabric in the general area of where you intend the buttonhole to be. With right sides together pin the outer layer to the lining around the entire perimeter of the scarf.

When pinning, allow the lining fabric to extend slightly beyond the outer layer. Thanks again.

Free Knitting Pattern - Garter Stitch Bow Tie Scarf

I get that in line two you purl two together, and then move that stitch back onto the left needle and purl it again. There actually are increases on both rows.

21 of the Best Scarf Knitting Patterns

On row one you have the passed over stitch decrease , but you knit it through the back loop first, which is an increase. On row two, you purl 2 stitches together decrease — and keep the 2 stitches on the left needle — then you purl the first stitch on the left needle again increase before dropping both on the needle. Nice little project for auto-knitting. I always want to use hand-dyed or print yarns, but sometimes it overwhelms a sweater. I think I have figured out the majority of the pattern, but the part that has me a beginner! Specifically the yarn doubled bit. Any help would be appreciated — I would love to make this neckwarmer!

You can also wind some of your yarn into a second ball and knit from both at once.

Luxurious Loom-Knit Neckwarmer

Hope that helps! Oh wow — I would not have guess that — thanks! Now if I pick up and knit 15 stitches, am I knitting in every other stitch — there would be 30 across — correct? I am really grateful for your help!

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But yes, you want to pick up the 15 stitches evenly across the piece. Please ignore my previous question. I just re-read the pattern and realize you did specify 28 inches! Please explain again Row 1 of Herringbone neck warmer.

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  • I knit one, sl l, psso but knit in the back first. Do I put the slipped stitch back on the left needle, knit in the back, put it on the right needle, and drop the slipped stitch on the right needle to slip back over the knitted stitch, knit and then what???? I am not sure I am doing it right tho come out with the right amount of stitches. It is a neat neck warmer and the second row seemed easy enough. Love this design!

    Which colorway is pictured above with pattern? I know that I always have a problem figuring out herringbone.

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    Thank you for finding that tutorial. That was great help. It makes everything clear. It is so appreciated as this is a nice neck warmer. It is available for free from Loop Knits. The pattern called for a worsted weight yarn, but the alpaca yarn I had was dk […]. Love the look of this. Will be knitting this to match fingerless gloves and giving the set a Christmas gifts this year. Thank you! Is it possible for you to do a video or photos of the stitch progression as without seeing it the directions seem to not make complete sense.

    Good morning Craig, I am trying this pattern and cannot get it! You cast on 30 sts. After row 1 how many sts should there be? After row 2 how many sts should there be? Repeat rows 1 and 2 to desired length. Work Stitch Pattern for 28 inches, ending with Row 2.

    Step 2: Knitting: the Beginning

    Bind off all stitches. With yarn doubled, pick up and knit 15 stitches along bound off edge. Knit 1 row.

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