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Photo by Hudson Cooke. Yunusoglu is from Ankara, Turkey, and concentrating in philosophy. Since the first dance class she took at Princeton, she has been drawn into improvisation in dance and the possibilities it creates for unconventional movement and interactions. A big portion of the piece is structured improvisation, which facilitates real-time decision-making and problem-solving.

The piece invites the viewer to be curious and confused about the imperfections, mess, and chaos that happen along the process of moving together, spontaneously. More than anything, notes Yunusoglu, the piece celebrates trust in collaboration — between the choreographer and the performers, among the performers, and between artists of different media. Lighting for the production is designed by guest artist Tess James.

The production stage manager is Mary-Susan Gregson.

Life is What Happens To You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans – Quote Investigator

To learn more about this event, the Program in Dance, and the more than other performances, exhibitions, readings, screenings, concerts and lectures presented each year at the Lewis Center, most of them free, visit arts. Steve Runk Director of Communications srunk princeton.

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Remember when I said there was one simple question I asked? Well, that was kind of a lie.

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