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Though Catholics are prohibited from succeeding and are deemed "naturally dead" for succession purposes, the disqualification does not extend to the individual's legitimate Protestant descendants. The Regency Acts allow for regencies in the event of a monarch who is a minor or who is physically or mentally incapacitated. When a regency is necessary, the next qualified individual in the line of succession automatically becomes regent, unless they themselves are a minor or incapacitated.

Special provisions were made for Queen Elizabeth II by the Regency Act , which stated that the Duke of Edinburgh the Queen's husband could act as regent in these circumstances. During a temporary physical infirmity or an absence from the kingdom, the sovereign may temporarily delegate some of his or her functions to Counsellors of State , the monarch's spouse and the first four adults in the line of succession. Until the monarch met all official expenses from hereditary revenues, which included the profits of the Crown Estate the royal property portfolio.

King George III agreed to surrender the hereditary revenues of the Crown in return for the Civil List , and this arrangement persisted until An annual Property Services grant-in-aid paid for the upkeep of the royal residences, and an annual Royal Travel Grant-in-Aid paid for travel. The Civil List covered most expenses, including those for staffing, state visits, public engagements, and official entertainment. Its size was fixed by Parliament every 10 years; any money saved was carried forward to the next year period.

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The revenues of the Duchy form part of the Privy Purse , and are used for expenses not borne by the parliamentary grants. The Royal Collection , which includes artworks and the Crown Jewels , is not owned by the sovereign personally and is held in trust , [] as are the occupied palaces in the United Kingdom such as Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

The sovereign is subject to indirect taxes such as value-added tax , and since the Queen has paid income tax and capital gains tax on personal income. Parliamentary grants to the sovereign are not treated as income as they are solely for official expenditure.

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Estimates of the Queen's wealth vary, depending on whether assets owned by her personally or held in trust for the nation are included. The sovereign's official residence in London is Buckingham Palace.

It is the site of most state banquets, investitures, royal christenings and other ceremonies. The monarch stays at Holyrood for at least one week each year, and when visiting Scotland on state occasions. Whitehall was destroyed by fire in , leading to a shift to St James's Palace. Although replaced as the monarch's primary London residence by Buckingham Palace in , St James's is still the senior palace [] and remains the ceremonial Royal residence. For example, foreign ambassadors are accredited to the Court of St James's , [] [] and the Palace is the site of the meeting of the Accession Council.

Other residences include Clarence House and Kensington Palace. The palaces belong to the Crown; they are held in trust for future rulers, and cannot be sold by the monarch. The sovereign is known as "His Majesty" or "Her Majesty". The form " Britannic Majesty " appears in international treaties and on passports to differentiate the British monarch from foreign rulers. If only one monarch has used a particular name, no ordinal is used; for example, Queen Victoria is not known as "Victoria I", and ordinals are not used for English monarchs who reigned before the Norman conquest of England.

The question of whether numbering for British monarchs is based on previous English or Scottish monarchs was raised in when Scottish nationalists challenged the Queen's use of "Elizabeth II", on the grounds that there had never been an "Elizabeth I" in Scotland.

In MacCormick v Lord Advocate , the Scottish Court of Session ruled against the plaintiffs, finding that the Queen's title was a matter of her own choice and prerogative. The Home Secretary told the House of Commons that monarchs since the Acts of Union had consistently used the higher of the English and Scottish ordinals, which in the applicable four cases has been the English ordinal.

Surrounding the shield is a representation of a Garter bearing the motto of the Chivalric order of the same name; " Honi soit qui mal y pense ". Old French : "Shame be to him who thinks evil of it". Latin : "No-one provokes me with impunity" ; the supporters are the unicorn and lion, who support both the escutcheon and lances , from which fly the flags of Scotland and England. The monarch's official flag in the United Kingdom is the Royal Standard , which depicts the Royal Arms in banner form. It is flown only from buildings, vessels and vehicles in which the sovereign is present.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the coin, see Sovereign British coin.

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For a list, see List of British monarchs. Function and history of the British monarchy. Royal coats of arms. United Kingdom. The Crown. British Monarchy.

HM Government. Privy Council. Parliament 57th Parliament. House of Lords. House of Commons. Supreme Court. Joint Ministerial Committee Legislative consent motions Scotland. Northern Ireland.

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Administrative geography. European Parliament Elections. Crown Dependencies. Overseas Territories. Foreign relations. Other countries Atlas. Main article: Royal prerogative in the United Kingdom. See also: List of English monarchs. See also: List of Scottish monarchs. See also: List of British monarchs. Commonwealth realms. Overseas territories of Commonwealth realms. See also: Monarchy of Ireland. Main articles: Succession to the British throne and Coronation of the British monarch.

See also: Succession to the Crown Act Main articles: Regency Acts and Counsellor of State. Main article: Finances of the British royal family. Main article: List of British royal residences. Main article: Style of the British sovereign. Main article: Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom. Monarchy portal United Kingdom portal.

The first recipient of such reports is always Her Majesty, The Queen.

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The second is the prime minister, who at the time was [Margaret] Thatcher. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford University Press. The High Court and the Constitution , 5th ed. Federation Press. Retrieved 31 October Retrieved 20 August London: HarperCollins. Retrieved 27 January Official web site of the British Monarch. Retrieved 30 October A commentary on the treatises entered into between his Britannic majesty, and his most faithful majesty Historical Dictionary of the British Monarchy.

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