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The big question people ask about their cat's movement is why they knead as if they're making dough with their little paws. Specifically why they knead soft things , humans again being one of their favorite things to massage. Which is adorable to experience, except when you've forgotten to shorten their nails It's not completely clear why cats like to give these kitty massages, though. Several theories exist.

A popular one says that this behavior comes from kittenhood, when they would knead their mother while nursing to help stimulate the flow of milk, and that even as an adult they will associate the motion of kneading with those happy moments. It could also be a leftover instinct from their wild ancestors who would knead down a patch of foliage before laying down to sleep. Whatever the actual reason, they do seem exceptionally content while making those biscuits.


A sentence tree combines sentences that start with the same word and creates new branches whenever the next word in the sentence has multiple options. Let me explain with an example. There are four sentences in the list above that all have the word on right after the word knead : knead on blankets, knead on humans, knead on me and knead on soft things.

We can, therefore, combine these four sentences one level deeper and only split them apart from the word where they start to differ; blankets, humans, me and soft. Doing this for all the questions that start with knead gives the following sentence tree:. If we now make the size of the circles depend on the question's popularity, shorten all the lines, and make them spread around the first knead circle, we get following small package of all the questions that start with knead :. There are many fascinating, interesting and funny questions in the full list.

For example, perhaps the people that search for why their cat poops in the litter box but pees on the floor should exchange tips with those that instead want to know why their cat pees in the litter box but poops on the floor. In case you don't see anything happen when you hover over the bold text examples, try clicking it to be taken down to the visual below. And why do cats have rough tongues while dogs have smooth ones?

Or why does your cat have the tendency to meow when you peek at them from around a corner? Or make weird noises at birds?


Why do they react to videos of kitten meows? Or eerily stare at your face while you sleep And the owners that want to know why their cats eat fake Christmas trees have some particularly interesting cats. It seems that cat owners are far more interested to know why their own cats are licking and biting them.

Ranging from the semi unpleasantness of smelling , drooling and throwing up , to interactions such as following , staring and sleeping on you. And let's add dogs too, to finally settle the debate over which countries are cat countries and which are dog countries well, assuming search popularity is a decent proxy for that.

Although the analyses above only took English questions into account, we are now looking at the overall search popularity of cats and dogs irrespective of the language used thanks to Google's Knowledge Graph. And even then, cats are often leading by only a narrow margin for those countries.

The fact that several Asian countries such as Taiwan , where cat cafes started. Or Japan , where these types of cafes truly blossomed have a higher interest in cats than dogs might not come as a surprise. Apparently, all cat lovers need to do a lot more searches for those funny cat videos, shark outfits for cats , the liquidity of cats or how to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you , and more This deep dive into cat-related questions has likely brought you to the conclusion that, yes, cats appear to be quite weird across the board but usually in hilarious and cute ways!

Interestingly enough, the questions people ask about dogs are surprisingly similar to cats and yet totally unique.

What to Know About Raising Your First Cat

A lot less sleeping or biting, but a lot more licking, and well Hey, you made it all the way through both the cat and dog pages! The data used in this project represents search interest in top questions about cats and dogs in the years To get this data, terms based on autocomplete data were combined with 5, questions about dogs, and 5, about cats, from Google Trends query data.

Finally, this data was normalized, and indexed to During the data analysis, sentence trees were created by splitting each question into the separate words, and combining sentences that shared the initial part of their sentence. Splitting up a "branch" whenever the sentences would start to differ.

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Using the sentence tree based data, the most common topics for cats and dogs became apparent. The visualizations are based on many different JavaScript libraries, all specialized in their own niche. But the following ones were especially important to bring the designs to life: d3. You can read an elaborate explanation of the entire design and creation process on my blog!

With a special thanks to Matt DesLauriers for his help to make budo work with this project that kept on growing beyond a "simple" one page story. Why do cats Specifically, questions that start with the following words: why does a cat why do cats why is a cat why are cats why does my cat why is my cat It's the words that follow those six questions that I'm interested in; therefore, questions that are the same except for the starting words have been grouped. So why do cats love boxes?

Sounds Even though we don't know how to speak cat, it's surprising how well cats manage to convey intent through the nuances in their meows.

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This means that no parent is sized correctly to account for its own search popularity value. Well, that did have some nice visual aesthetic, and it did give my some idea of the most popular asked question. As a second quick test I plotted the data in a radial tree. Where each level deeper into the hierarchy is plotted at a larger radius. With basically points to plot I knew that it would probably look like a mess of lines, but it did give me a general feeling for the division of datapoints between the hierarchy levels.

Below you can see some of the earliest iterations in which I modestly played around with either a radial force to make sure that each level of the hierarchy would be approximately at the same radius, like in the radial-tree before, or where there was a general charge pushing everything outward the bottom-right image. So I tried to make a version myself. After tweeting about it, more versions thankfully appeared.

So I drastically increased the circle sizes and went back to the approach where each level deeper into the sentence tree would be at a larger radius left image below. At least the increase of the circle size did make most words fit inside the biggest circles. And from a purely visual aesthetic I do like the image blow. But it was quite too daunting to show readers. Ok, what to do….. This would make sure that all the children of a branch would always be together.

This new approach did require quite the change in my code! But after slow but steady progress, I got there! It is connected to one pretty big enclosing circle with lots of smaller circles inside. I hope that made some sense….

Everything you ever wanted to know about the internet (and its cats)

I had yet another idea! What if you kept the circles without children of their own the pink ones close to their direct parent. But place the circles who had children of their own farther outward and then repeat the process. That did create the most insightful image I had seen so far, although I mean that relative here. The previous tests were dreadfully useless, and this was only marginally better than that. Thankfully I had done this manual dragging approach before in my Magic is Everywhere project, so I could, relatively easily, copy the code to make it possible.

Making small changes in the inner section meant that I had to then update everything surrounding it, which in turn meant that I had to update all that surrounded that , etc. This approach totally ignored the probably possibility that small data changes or size changes could occur, thus making it necessary to redo the entire process….

After 2 hours! I was not looking forward to the next 2 hours. Luckily, I felt that having done half was enough to be able to assess if this final result was truly working. Was it useful? Was it inviting exploration? HOW was this going to work on mobile anyway?! I started out guessing the radius that would be needed to fit the mini networks from summing the area of each circle that would be placed inside.

No other sentence begins with avoid it seems. The white circles are those branches that have children, such as lick , have , bite , and many more. Next, I basically did a separate network calculation for each of the white circles. I made sure that each mini network would be centered on [0,0] and then just added the central location of the enclosing circle after the force simulation was done.

All these extra network simulations did take a lot of time though….