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Family of 5 found dead in home by relative. Woman shot after dog steps on gun inside pickup truck, police say. Monarch butterflies swarm Colorado park. Rescue teams help woman stranded in her car in major floodwater. Key witness in Amber Guyger trial killed.

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New York judge orders Trump to release taxes. Penguins chase bubbles around zoo enclosure. SigDigs: Oct. Headlines 14m ago. Playful black bear wanders into backyard The bear climbed trees and tumbled around the yard playing with a deflated basketball. Boy gets warm welcome back to school after brain surgeries The students at Georgetown Preparatory School in Maryland welcomed their classmate back with a massive round of applause.

Family of 5 found dead in home by relative A family member went to the house to help get the three children to school and discovered the gruesome scene. Play ABCNews. News headlines today: Oct. Relative picking up children for school finds family of 5 dead: Police The victims were a mother, father, 9-year-old twins and an year-old girl. Play koco. Do you know these women? FBI asks for help in serial killer case Samuel Little has confessed to dozens of murders dating back to the s. Monarch butterflies swarm Colorado park The butterflies were making the 3,mile journey to Mexico for their annual migration.

Key witness in Amber Guyger trial killed Joshua Brown was found shot dead at an apartment complex a few miles away from where Botham Jean was murdered last year.

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Fitness philosophy: Train smarter, not harder. Fitness philosophy: Do a practice that focuses on all aspects on your life, not just the physical. One of the greatest benefits of yoga is it teaches you how to hold your own weight—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. It offers you tools to create space in your body and brain, which translates to everything that you do.

Fitness philosophy: I want everyone to be happy about themselves. It all stems from finding happiness and satisfaction within yourself.

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Pushups before exhaustion: About 40 No. I prefer to train at home. Not ashamed to say it. You all saw Departed. Favorite quality in a woman: Sense of humor. It was going to be my profession until I found climbing. Favorite chick flick: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Fitness philosophy: You have to get strong first then everything else falls into place.

Aaron Hernandez Was Tortured By Gay Secret

You build muscle, lose fat, and look, feel, and perform a lot better when you're stronger. Pushups before exhaustion: 65 No. You're there to work. Power song: "Rebel Without a Pause" by Public Enemy Relationship status: Married Favorite qualities in a woman: Sense of humor, appreciation of good music, Yankees and Giants fan, shares my passion for fitness.

Hidden talent: 80s hip-hop dance moves. Favorite chick flick: Ghost To learn more: Jasonferruggia. Fitness philosophy: Make diet and exercise fun, exciting, and sustainable above all else. Your goals are unique to you, so you may as well enjoy the journey towards reaching them. Longest static plank: 1 minute.

I smelled steak cooking and forfeited to go investigate.

Night club. It's the only place capable of handling my trademark Tornado dance. Ski slopes or sandy beach?

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Sandy beach because the likelihood of puppies being there is quite high. And puppies are awesome. Favorite chick flick: Romeo and Juliet To learn more: Roglawfitness. Everything I do, I do for a reason. There is no "filler. The man to woman ratio is just too good to pass up. Favorite chick flick: Mean Girls To learn more: Joshhamiltonfitness. Fitness philosophy: Fitness is not just an idea we have but a way of life. It is sanity in a crazy world, peace in a screaming room, and a constant in an equation of variables.

Fitness philosophy: I believe in high-intensity training techniques, bringing the muscles to total failure to achieve maximum gains while keeping the heart rate elevated. Annual events include the Equality Forum , which usually take place in late spring.

OutFest is earmarked annually for October. And Philly, inclement weather aside, because of its size, is a walkable city.

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I recommend staying at the Independent Hotel , a modestly-priced room boutique hotel with charming rooms that feature fireplaces and French doors. The hotel includes a complimentary light breakfast with your stay, so you can enjoy a croissant and coffee in the morning before venturing out into the city for the day.

They basically own all of 13th Street in the Gayborhood. Also, for margarita lovers: hit El Vez at night for people watching.

The crunchy crust to note: on the thicker side has a hint of coriander to it and the meat is miraculously super sweet and juicy inside. The biscuits are about two-inches thick with a similar composition of crisp crust on the outside and flaky buttery goodness inside. Philly is emerging as a culinary hotspot with an inventive food scene made with locally farmed food.

Explore beyond 13th Street to hit other recently-opened restaurants like Heritage in the Northern Liberties—a jazz bar and restaurant with a perfect pheasant dish with drool-worthy pheasant scrapple! For steak lovers, try Urban Farmer in Logan Square, which is located en route on the way to the art museums.

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With approximately restaurants set to open in Philly this year, the attraction of The New Thing may lead you to overlook some incredible dining. Green Eggs Cafe is also a yummy brunch spot right in the Gayborhood. My Italian lesbrethren, there are Italian pastries at the Reading Terminal Market, yes, but you should definitely spend an afternoon wandering though the Italian Market. Philly is not only a great place for food lovers; it is also a great place for people who love art and history.

Constitution were signed.