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You've been here for five years and that is the best you can do? You don't know anything about these people!

Both of you, you sit cosseted inside your compound and your enclave, playing off against one another, living well while Cardassia continues to starve! Obsidian is opaque, but you are transparent. Do you think that your desires are hidden from the rest of us?

I know what you want. I know all about the legends of the Orbs.

I understand why I was sent here now. You've become comfortable and hidebound, like the Bajorans. Now that fifty-year tale of warring ideologies, terrorism, greed, secret intelligence, moral compromises, and embattled faiths is at last given its due in the three-book saga of Star Trek's Lost Era A seemingly benign visitation to the bountiful world of Bajor from the resource-poor Cardassian Union is viewed with cautious optimism by some, trepidation by others, and a calculating gleam by unscrupulous opportunists.

Terok Nor: Day of the Vipers

What begins as a gesture of compassion soon becomes something very different. Seen through the eyes of participants on both sides -- including those of a young officer named Skrain Dukat -- the personal, political, and religious tensions between the Bajorans and the Cardassians quickly spiral out of control, irrevocably shaping the futures of both worlds in an emotionally charged and unforgettable tale of treachery, tragedy, and hope. He lives and works in London.

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Terok nor: Day of the Vipers by James Swallow (Paperback, 2008)

I always list book by ISBN only and buyer is assured of correct edition, correct author and correct format of book. Name of your business and form of legal entity: Ami Ventures Inc. He sees a Cardassian's hand on his shoulder and knows that this is usually a prelude to a beating or, if he is fortunate enough, arrest.

The boy knows how many disappeared during the Occupation of Bajor. So he does the one thing he can think of: he bites the Cardassian.

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  • Then the nigh Star trek deep space nine, station rage Diane Carey. They were created to be killing machines. Highly intelligent, resourceful, and deceptively complex, the Jem'Hadar are a species engineered for war and programmed at the genetic level for one purpose: to fight until death as soldiers of the sprawling stellar empire known as the Dominion. No Jem'Hadar The Ferengi are greedy, avaricious, ruthless, cowardly and completely unscrupulous.